Ladies Who Lift!

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This time we’re gonna be discussing the controversial topic of Ladies & Lifting. Now for some reason, there are still many people out there that continue to believe that weights are going to make you ‘Bulky!’

Well, I’m here to tell you that this is the biggest lie you’ll ever be fed on your fitness journey as Ladies, if you want to get that ‘Toned’ Lean body shape, then stop avoiding the weights room!

Don’t believe me..? Give me just a few minutes of your time to explain why..

It is not just for sweaty dudes who like to slam weights and roar while they beat their chests and I am delighted to see more and more women realising the huge benefits of weight training to not only their physique but to their confidence too.

To get that toned physique, you must have significant muscle definition and the only way to do so is with weight training. The second part to ‘tone up’ is to burn the body fat that covers the muscle definition and this is done by following a diet plan that is set up to achieve this goal. Cardiovascular training can be performed too, to rev up that fat burning and get you to your goals quicker.

Now it isn’t just as easy as signing up to a gym monthly membership, picking up some dumbbells and curling your way to your ‘beach bod!’ The type of training you do will greatly determine the outcome. For example, you have to get in and not be afraid of working with heavier weights as well as performing the big compound exercises like the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. These exercises are going to transform your body quicker than any resistance machine ever will!

Again, the outcome is pre-determined by the type of training you do so carefully setting out the reps, sets and volume of exercises you perform are very important if you want to achieve the best results.

The truth is, women do not support the same hormonal balance as men. They do not produce the same level of testosterone as men which is a key player in building muscle, therefore making it significantly harder for women to build large muscles and the other part of this puzzle is that no amount of weight training will suddenly make you pack on muscle without eating ALOT of food! To get big, you must eat BIG! Weights do not make you bulky… Eating a shit ton of food gets you bulky.

You see, your body shape and goals are determined by how well you plan out your diet and the training routine you follow. With such a huge amount of conflicting advice out there, it can seem like an extremely difficult task to do so! Especially when the supermarkets will label products as ‘LOW FAT’ or ‘100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS’ tricking you into believing that these are the healthiest option for you.

Seeking advice from someone who has the experience and knowledge of the goals you wish to achieve is the best piece of advice I can give anyone. But be careful! Always make sure the person you are asking has either achieved the goals you set out for yourself, or has proof that they can give you the correct advice and results you’re looking for.

Your Coach,

Stuart Jamieson

Head Coach & Founder of The PT Studio

The PT Studio – Dumfries

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