Your Ability to Suffer will Equal your Results


Today’s topic is a sore point for many but it is so important to accept before you commit to your goal…

Where many people will fail to achieve their goals is their willingness and ability to suffer the symptoms that accompany hard dieting and an intense training routine.


– Tiredness

– Fatigue

– Hunger

– Serious Cravings


These are ALL symptoms that you will experience and will have to learn to cope with for a period of time to get to the place you want to be and are all completely natural too!

When we are restricting calories in order to burn fat, it is only natural that the body will start ringing alarm bells telling you that you are hungry, that you need to eat even when it isn’t always reflecting reality. It does this because it doesn’t want to start tapping into bodyfat to burn unless absolutely necessary which, with the right diet, it will happen when we restrict those calories enough, eat the right foods, correct portions and utilising timing of particular food groups in order to keep burning fat.


As for tiredness and fatigue, this one is unfortunately a side effect of being on a diet. Think about it… you are eating less than your body is burning day to day. It will turn to burning body fat stores as energy but you will undoubtedly feel lethargic at times as you restrict your energy source from food.


Too often, we are unable to withstand the social sacrifices and internal symptoms to push further. The most challenging part of any goal in life is to accept that in order to achieve it, a level of sacrifice MUST be made in order to get there. You cannot enter half-heartedly expecting anything more than the level at which you commit yourself!


This is one of the reasons why The PT Studio Team do so well at keeping our clients on track to push past this boundary as all our trainers have been through it themselves, so we know exactly how you are feeling.


Remember that Motivation is the key factor to getting started, but it is consistency and persistence that forms habitual routine that keeps you moving forward LONG after the motivation fades.


As one of my all time favourite sports hero, Muhammad Ali, once said: “Don’t Quit! Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”


That rings true not just for athletes, but each and every one of us on our journey towards our goals. Endure the trials and tribulations that are thrown at you along the way and just accept that it is necessary to give you the strength of character to become the person you need to be in order to achieve your goals.


Your Coach,

Stuart Jamieson

Head Coach & Founder of The PT Studio – Dumfries

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