Do Calories Count…?


ALWAYS track your calories!!

EVERY single diet plan that is geared towards losing weight and every method of dieting whether it be Low Carb, Carb Cycling, “Slimming” Clubs, Juice Diets, Paleo, Ketogenic etc. ALL follow the very basic fundamental rule… Calories in MUST be less than calories out.

If you claim to have tried ‘Everything’ but yet to track the amount you’re eating then I am afraid to tell you that you have literally tried everything BUT the very thing that works…

By simply changing your perception of food, you could INSTANTLY change your eating habits!!

STOP thinking that there are magical foods that burn body fat!!

START thinking of Food as ENERGY.

The easiest way to manage your weight is first by managing your energy input (Calories Consumed) and your energy output (Calories Burned).

This is not to say that what you eat doesn’t matter as long as you eat less than you burn because ultimately, calories control your weight, however the breakdown of what you eat will determine how good you look at your desired body weight.

So if your goals are more than just losing weight and you want to improve your body SHAPE, then your diet will become much more structured to specific foods, timing of meals and the consistency of hitting maronutrient (Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats) targets in order to reach your goal.

You see, the higher the goal, the greater the sacrifice… there is NO escaping that!!

So, if you want to just start with the simple step of starting to control your bodyweight, here is my top tip:

1. Download the Myfitnesspal app on your phone to start tracking what you are eating and the calories you are taking in. Myfitnesspal even helps you to calculate the amount of calories you should be eating each day making the process even simpler!

If you don’t want to download the app, just buy a cheap little notepad and start tracking your food and calories in it each day.

2. Make small adaptations and changes to your diet such as reducing sugar intake, smaller portion sizes, increasing frequency of smaller meals so you stay fuller for longer and avoid the pesky hunger cravings that run the risk of you reaching for something you shouldn’t.

So there you go… 2 simple steps to controlling your body weight! Start now and you can get the head start before the belt notches start to creep up 😳

Your Coach,

Stuart Jamieson

Head Coach & Founder of The PT Studio – Dumfries

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