Thank God It’s Monday!

You know, Monday’s get such a bad rep but they are my favourite day of the week and here’s why…

It gives us all the ability to reset, refresh and chase our goals! Another chance, another week to go all in on the life we want to live.

Each person is different in their thoughts, beliefs and perceptions and therefore our goals are so wildly varied. It may be to do with your career, your partner or loved one, family or friends. It could be to get the dream home you’ve always wanted. To get the car you have saved as a screensaver on your phone. To finally fit into the pair of jeans you bought years ago or strut your stuff on the beach dawning that hard earned six pack you’ve been working for in the gym!

We all can achieve more than you could ever imagine if we would simply just allow ourselves to fail along the way. Understanding that every step we take, no matter how successful or not, will shape our journey, our character and our ability to achieve our goals.

Take pride in your failures! They are helping you find your blueprint to success. Each time you fail, you learn something new in the process. All it truly takes is to not give in, have some humility and take a new approach to your goals each time. If you do this enough with an indomitable will to never give up, I absolutely promise you, you will get there!

Motivation, Determination, Perseverance and Consistency. The keys to your success!

Finding your passion is one thing, finding what makes us tick and gives us the fire inside to carry on but if we want to become good at things in life, we tend to have to work for it and when it comes to building a strong mindset, this too takes practice and effort, just like our bodies need consistent exercise to get the results we want.

Understand that it’s not something you were born with, but rather it is something you must grow yourself, through deliberate practice.

Building a strong mindset takes time and it will require your self-discipline and perseverance to keep pushing, even when things may just seem too hard. Remember that motivation gets you started but discipline and perseverance will see you through to the finish.

Many people make a decision to change something in their lives based on things that they are having some kind of dissatisfaction with. An inner conflict within themselves.

For example, many people are fed up with the excess body fat they have accumulated, they’ve had enough of feeling sluggish and tired, they are unhappy with feeling self-conscious, they feel stuck in a rut.

You see, every decision we make all boils down to just two types of Motivation – Pain or Pleasure! Every one of our decisions is based on either seeking the pleasure or to avoid the associated pain we link to the outcome.

Sometimes we link both to a tough decision but often you will find pain to be the bigger motivator as it is human nature to avoid danger or any situation that may place us in an uncomfortable position.

Change becomes permanent when we link more pain to our current situation than we do to the new changes we wish to make to our lives. Reminding yourself of why you wanted to achieve your goal should be a daily occurrence. Such as with exercise, the more you practice, the stronger you become and more focused to achieving your goals.

Analysing the real reasons behind why you want to achieve your goals will help you find answers you probably weren’t even aware of! Linking more emotional intensity helps you to drive forward when times are hard.

Try to think of motivation as something that PULLS you towards your goal, not pushes! Pushing you will always meet resistance but with enough emotional intensity attached to your “Why”, your purpose for it all, will PULL you towards your goal.

The most important tip I can give you in all this is to learn to just DO more and think LESS!

The thought of things are always more frightening than reality.

Take action, learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward. You can do it!

Your Coach,

Stuart Jamieson

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