Rise & Grind

It’s Monday morning and the alarms ringing. You reach over to the side, grab your phone and immediately press the snooze button.

10 minutes later and it sounds it’s merry morning tune, screaming in your ears to GET UP!! Reminding you of the promise you made to yourself that this time, you were going to get up, hit the gym and seize the day!

You even pictured yourself working out like a boss, full of motivation and determination just like a Rocky montage but suddenly reality hits you so goddamn hard, you curl up like a baby swaddled in your duvet telling yourself you NEED that extra hour in bed and that you will definitely get up tomorrow.

Well before you go telling me that you’re not a morning person, perhaps we can give you a compelling reason to stop hitting the ‘Snooze’ button and wake up that little bit earlier to hit the gym.

If you don’t train regularly in the morning, you may find at first, it will be a real challenge! In the morning, your performance often suffers during anaerobic exercise (such as weight training) as compared to afternoon or evening workouts.

Nevertheless, you can make larger improvements in exercise performance if you make working out in the morning a regular thing!

Look, I get it… it’s tough just to get up in the morning, never mind try to workout! But with enough patience and consistency, you’ll see your performance make HUGE improvements and you’ll have a whole host of good reasons that justify setting that alarm just a little bit earlier.

  1. The Gym Is All Yours!

Trying to do any form of superset or pairing up any exercises in a packed gym is all but impossible.

This guy over here has taken the bench that you were on while you went to change the dumbbells you were using. That girl over there wants to steal your dumbbells so is hovering around awkwardly waiting for you to finish. The teenager who just walked in has decided to sit down on the Leg Press and work his thumb muscles on a swiping spree through Tinder.

Well, thankfully, it’s not packed! Because this time, you got up, got ready and hit the gym before everyone else did.

2. Your Hormones Are Working To Your Advantage

In the early morning hours, testosterone is elevated in the body and this helps to build lean muscle mass. By exercising in the morning, you’re taking advantage of these naturally circulating hormones just as they are peaking, rather than later in the day when they are lower.

3. It Leaves Times For Other Priorities

Obviously, we all have many areas in our life that take priority over other things. Which is why slicing off some time, like that morning workout, is usually better than in the evening.

But truly think about it for a second, training in the evening often means you have to fight rush hour traffic, navigate a crowded gym fighting for equipment, get home to shower, eat dinner and share whatever time is left with your family.

It just makes sense to workout in the morning and the rest of your day is yours!

4. You’ll Be More Focused Throughout the Day!

A bout of exercise increases your focus for the day. We all got things to do each and every day that we feel reluctant to do but what follows a morning workout, is an enormous feeling of accomplishment as you finally beat that damn alarm clock and smashed your workout!

Use that momentum to motivate you, fill you with positivity and tackle your daily activities with the energy and focus you gained from taking control of your day.

Your Coach,
Stuart Jamieson

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