3 Rules to Building Muscle for Beginners!


The answer is pretty simple, eat big and lift heavy! Easy in theory, hard in practice. Here are some rules to help you on your way!

Use correct exercise technique…don’t just move the weight from A-B. Be in control throughout the whole movement, pause at the bottom and top of each rep.

On the lowering phase of each rep, lower the bar/dumbell slowly until the muscle is fully stretched, pause for one second then explode back up to the top of the rep until the muscle is fully contracted, pause for one second then REPEAT.


When starting off its important to stick the big movements that require several muscle groups to perform, get stronger at these before moving onto a more complex routine and implementing isolation (single-muscle) exercises.

These are exercises such as, the Squat, Bench press, Deadlift, Military press and the Bent-over row.

Initially perform these movements 1-2 times a week each, for 5 sets of 6-10 reps and nail your technique before lifting maximal weights!


To pack on muscle fast it will take getting in enough calories to fuel and recover from your workouts, and feed your muscles with enough protein, carbohydrates and fats to see them gains manifest! For those who are new to training for muscle growth, eating 4-6 times a day will seem a huge challenge but with the right plan of action it is possible!

TIP – Don’t be afraid to consume a large volume of your calories in liquid form, in an ideal world all our meals would be from solids but it can be very time consuming and for some near impossible to get it all down!

Shakes are great way to get calories in on top of our solid meals! I would recommend three meals of solid whole foods and three meals from shakes.

An example of a solid meal for gaining size could be;

3 whole eggs, 100g porridge oats, 150g berries


150g Chicken/Beef mince with 250g brown rice

An example of shake meal for gaining size could be;

30g whey protein, 2tbsp peanut butter, 1 banana, 100g berries, 50g porridge oats BLENDED

Add these rules to your training and diet to help kick start your fitness journey!

Coach Niki


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