Make a Choice!


“You cannot control the behavior of others, but you can always choose how you respond to it.” ― Roy T. Bennett

The greatest gift of life is our ability to choose. It is the very reason you have arrived at your current point in life. Our lives are defined by the choices we make every day, every week, every month, every YEAR!

Unfortunately so many of us choose to allow our environment to control how we feel and how we respond to it rather than take a conscious choice to create a more compelling future.

Each and every one of us is just one choice away from an entirely different life! Think about it… I mean really think about a time where you had a choice in life to make and each outcome you envisioned determined a completely different aspect to your current reality.

It may have been building up the courage to ask that girl out several years ago who is now your wife…

It could have been quitting your job and going travelling for a year and has led you to live your entire life in a new country…

Or when you became a parent!

So many decisions and how you choose to respond to the events that happen around you shape your entire existence.

See I believe that we create our own destiny. That we are here for just one chance to live life to the full and it is our absolute obligation to push each and every part of our lives to see how much we can do,  we can be, we can share and give. A life without exploring what we are truly capable of is the ultimate regret!

Decisions shape destiny. You see, every day we choose what we focus on. We choose to focus on the positive, we choose to focus on the negative whether it be on a conscious or sub-conscious level.

If you want to take control of your destiny you must learn to choose what you focus on. There is a saying – Where focus goes energy flows. What you choose to focus on becomes who you are. Becomes a part of your identity. Make sure the story that you tell yourself, the inner monologue of your mind is on your side.

Your mindset, your attitude, motivation and discipline should become a ritual that you practice daily. Understand that, much like your body requires continual and consistent exercise to improve, so does your mind.

Now I don’t mean this by staring in the mirror and saying things like “I am a strong independant sausage, who is powerful beyond measure” is going to somehow change your entire outlook on life because that is far from what I am saying here…

Our actions will always speak louder than our words, build momentum and confidence in ourselves but in order for that to be, we must first learn to accept that we are responsible for every decision we make therefore we are responsible for the outcome too.

Learn to accept that we may get it wrong, in fact, chances are we will get it so wrong so often but by changing our perception of failure as final to just a learning curve, we can release the power that fear holds over your ability to choose. To make a decision. To fear that we get it wrong.

See we all make mistakes. Without them, we’d never learn! Everything you see around you is a result someones ability to make a decision and move forward, either with the knowledge and experience from their previous decision regardless of being wrong or right. It was their acceptance of allowing the chance to be wrong but to choose to use that experience to improve and grow.

And with enough time, it isn’t the things we do that we regret. It is the things we did not do when we had the chance to that we regret the most.

Your Coach,

Stuart Jamieson (Head Coach & Founder of The PT Studio)


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