Group Training


Our Group Training consists of a ‘exercise class’ based environment working in a small group of anywhere up to 16 people depending on class type.

Led by one of our Personal Trainers, each session is designed to compliment our 1 to 1 & Semi Private Personal Training.

All of the classes are based around the 3 Pillars of Fitness:

What’s involved in each of the sessions?

Each Group Training class has an objective to every session. These objectives are to BUILD muscle, to BURN body fat, to MOVE better or to get STRONG!

The workout however, will vary each and every time you’re in. Check out below for a brief description of each class type.

BUILD – This class has one simply objective…to build muscle. Following a series of muscle building methods and entirely resistance based exercises, we will have you feeling pumped up after every single workout!

BURN – The objective for this type of class is to burn as many calories as possible and use a whole lot of energy. To put it simply, perfect for those looking to increase your daily calorie expenditures so if weight loss is your goal then this would be just what you’re looking for.

STRONG – This is exactly what it sounds like. These classes are designed to get you stronger. This class is for you if you enjoy strongman or powerlifting style training. If you’re focused on seeing the numbers you’re lifting increase, then get yourself along to Strong.

TEAM CHALLENGE – We like to end the working week with a good old Team Challenge. You will be working as part of the team to beat the challenge set by one of the Coaches. The Team Challenge can incorporate aspects of all of the above: Build, Burn and Strong!

PiYo – PiYo combines the strength training and body lengthening aspects of Pilates with the core training and stretching elements of Yoga to create an entirely new workout experience. PiYo is set up like a cardio class, designed to burn calories and make you sweat.