One To One PT


What is One to One Personal Training? 

One to One training is exactly what it sound like! You working with your trainer on a direct, one on one basis.

Personal training is called personal training because it’s all about ‘one on one’ advice, guidance and motivation. The whole reason for paying for your own fitness trainer, is to get this attention and a training programme that’s right for you.

For the majority of people, one to one training is not always necessary. Think of one to one training as more specific cases. For example, correcting an individual’s posture and/or movement quality concerns that would make training within a group environment to be at risk of injury. It will increasingly become about zeroing in on the very specific movement needs of the individual.

The other reason some people may opt for One to One PT is if they’re goals are of a highly skilled nature or advanced goal that may require the presence of a specialised coach to help them achieve this.

Why do You Need One to One Training?

Different people have personal trainers for different reasons. Some can’t work without a training partner, some have injuries that need careful monitoring and some people have specific goals like a marathon.

Whatever the reason, a trainer will be dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and for the hour or two or three hours each week (it’s up to you) that you train with them – they are there dedicated to your fitness objectives.

Once You’ve Taken the Plunge

Once have chosen a trainer that is right for you and for the goals you want to achieve, the trainer will then have put together a bespoke training programme that (no matter whether you are new or experienced) targets your goals and combines this with exercises and regimes that you feel comfortable with.

If you’re interested in finding out more, then check out our 30 Day Trial or simply get in touch and a member of the Team will get back to you as soon as we can.