Semi-Private PT


The benefits of semi-private personal training make it a perfect choice for anyone wanting to get in shape!

Here are just some of the benefits from Semi-Private PT:


At the PT Studio, the way we run our semi-private PT is that all of our members still receive a very personal training routine.

Our semi-private PT sessions are not glorified bootcamps or some lazy half-a**ed One to One session where the majority of your hour is spent chatting! The programs we offer are unique to our members and their own personal goals.


Having people along side you working out, is much more fun than training on your own. It’s also fun to come together as a group encouraging each other to get the very best from you and your training.


Would you prefer to pay an average of £25 to £30 per session, or less than just £10 per session? Semi Private Personal Training makes having 3 to 4 sessions per week completely sustainable long term for most people.


With the fact you can get 3x semi-private PT sessions for the price of just 1x One to One PT session, you could train far more frequently with more exposure to our highly experienced coaches which will only enhance your results.


At the PT Studio, we have over 100 members and there is a friendly and social atmosphere to our facility. By getting involved in semi-private personal training, you can enjoy creating fantastic new relationships with your gym partners.


We run sessions from Monday to Friday at 6am till 12pm then back again from 5pm till 8pm with sessions also available on a Saturday at 9am & 10am.

With our very own PT Studio App, booking sessions to suit you has never been easier!


If you ask the members of the PT Studio what’s the best thing about the facility, the friendships formed will certainly be up there.

Many of our members have met their best friends within the walls of our gym as well as multiple members of families joining us too! We’ve had couples get together and even members get married! We are more than just your regular gym and you can sense and feel this every time you walk through the doors.


Our members are always socialising and organising events throughout the year.

We also run incredible Team Workouts & Challenges for everyone to get involved in, including our trainers!


Training with like minded individuals is extremely motivating. Seeing other people just like you stay focused and inspired will keep you on the straight and narrow.

If you’re currently not used to training in small groups then this might feel a little bit scary and this is often the case for many of our members when they first walk through the doors. However after their first 30 days experience with us, we’re yet to have someone say that they didn’t enjoy the camaraderie and team spirit in every single workout!

If you’re interested in finding out more, then check out our 30 Day Trial or simply get in touch and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as we can.