John joined The PT Studio back in August last year with a goal to get in to the best shape of his life!

After deciding his best chance would be to focus on first, building enough muscle mass before stripping the body fat to show off his results, he first completed a number of months working on gaining some size.

Once he reached the goal weight set out for him, it was time to start his Fit & Lean Transformation Programme!!

The results below have been over just 15 weeks losing an incredible 3 stones and 8 pounds!!!

Check out John’s story below…

“These are the results of my 15 week Transformation Programme at the PT Studio with Niki.

I joined the PT Studio in August 2017 when I decided it was time to change my approach in order to achieve my long term goals. I was assigned to Niki and we sat down and formulated a training and diet plan that was sustainable around my personal commitments.

It was made clear that in order to achieve my desired goal it would be done in 2 stages. Initially a bulk phase was needed to increase my body size, muscle mass and strength then a second cutting phase would return me back into a lean body frame.

I had never done anything like this before and I felt I was goin in the wrong direction but my advice is
“Trust the PT Studio process” it has left me in the best psychological and physical condition of my life.

The physical changes in my body are obvious but this is only a bonus to how I feel inside!

I am honoured and proud to call Niki my PT. This young man’s attitude and outstanding level of knowledge in relation to the science behind how the body works is impressive. He has guided me through every step and rep of my journey.

All the PT studio team create a welcoming and motivating atmosphere in which to train, inspiring you to achieve your goals.

Thank you PT Studio”



Heather started her Transformation Programme with us Just 12 Weeks ago and crushed it!!

Her goal was to learn how to take control of her health, fitness and body shape to get into the BEST shape she could in just 3 short months…

Losing over a stone, building some incredible lean muscle definition and dropping 24 inches all together with a huge 8 inches lost from around her waist alone!

But rather than go on and on all day (And we could 😉), I’m gonna hand over the microphone to Heather to tell her side of the story…

“Prior to embarking on a Transformation Programme with Marie, I had been a member at the PT studio for a few months. The decision came about at a time in my life where my wellbeing needed a positive focus.

Not only that, but as I am due to make the change from full time work back to study later in the year, I wanted to learn as much as possible about diet, form & technique while I had the chance.

So, I gave myself 3 months…

After a discussion with Marie I decided to have 2 PT sessions a week, topping that up with 3-4 weekly workouts on my own. With no real goals in mind, I told Marie that I wanted to ‘hammer’ the three months and work toward being able to do one unassisted pull up.

Marie made training plans available to me and pointed me in the right direction as to what I should train every week and I experimented with them, adding some of my own exercises too.

The PT sessions were tough but I wouldn’t have had them any other way. Marie knew when she could push me and test my limits – although those sneaky extra reps just about ended me!

A big part of what I wanted to gain from my time with Marie was understanding the diet do’s and don’ts. As much as training is important, the results I’ve achieved would never have been possible without the diet plans and the advice of Marie and all the coaches at The PT Studio.

It’s so helpful to be able to ask any questions and know any of the coaches will be on hand to answer. Plus, having them on your back means that in the inevitable tougher times you’re making the right choices knowing that they are watching e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!

The PT Studio is a friendly and inclusive gym and one that I’ve found to be very body confident. When people see others doing well – they tell them! A big change from some of the other gyms I’ve been to. It’s so good to see people of all shapes, sizes and abilities getting on and doing their thing.

The three months have been so valuable to me – my physique has changed, I’ve boosted my self confidence and formed healthy habits that have changed me for the better.

I’ve talked to loads of people who have said ‘I couldn’t do that’ or ‘I’ve not got the willpower’ and I always say the same thing – I didn’t set out to achieve what I have, but managed with the guidance of the right coach, a bit of focus, determination and self-belief and if you dig deep you might just surprise yourself.”



Steven came to us in order to lose weight, get stronger, fitter and banish the belly!

Well over 16 weeks, Steven did just that!!

Losing over 24kg (3 stones 11 pounds) in body weight, dropping 34 inches all over his body and a HUGE 12 inches from his waist alone, he absolutely SMASHED his transformation programme!

Check out his story below…

“Well that’s me done 16 weeks at The PT Studio and all that I can say is the place is first class in what it offers. If your willing to put the effort in they WILL get you results!

Personally I’ve been training with my Personal Trainer Marie and I couldn’t be happier with the results so far. I’ve never been healthier or felt better in myself.

She pushes me to my limits in every session and sometimes past them when needed! I couldn’t have achieved what I have without her drive to help me get into better shape, so for that I thank you Marie.

The staff are so helpful and generous in offering any help that you may need they are all first class.

So in my opinion if you want to get into better shape or lose weight or just to feel better about yourself then The PT Studio is the place to be!”


Tracey joined The PT Studio just 16 weeks ago to lose some weight and tone up.

During this time she managed to drop 10kg in bodyweight and lose an incredible 27 inches in all the right places to show off her hard earned lean muscle she had built during her transformation programme!

Check out her story below…

“I contacted the PT studio just before Xmas after seeing an ad for an 8 week fat loss program.

I went for my induction and then started on the 4th of January being pushed to my limits each time by Marie.

I trained twice a week and followed a detailed food plan.
Over 16 weeks I have lost 10kg and my body shape has completely changed losing 27 inches.

I can’t thank Marie enough for pushing me to my limits each class, always making me finish that last rep. She is a great girl and an excellent trainer.

I would highly recommend her and the PT studio for anyone looking to achieve results like me!”



I know what you’re thinking… WOW!

This can’t be real right?

Well it is with the right Coach, right programme and the right mentality and work ethic!

Ross came to the Studio looking to get the results he seen coming from the Studio and found he got more than what he first thought possible!

Ross completely transformed his body composition by not only dropping body fat but also increasing his lean muscle mass during the process.

We are SO proud of you Rossco and cannot wait to see your continual progress on your fitness journey!

Check out what Ross had to say about his experience of the Studio…

“I decided to join The PT Studio as I had seen some amazing results coming out of there. I wanted to learn more about bodybuilding as I looked to make a big change in my physique instead!

The Transformation itself was very easy to follow and straight forward, although working shifts during it took a lot of commitment so preperation was key to the success.

The final transformation results overall are way higher than I expected but you only get out what you put in!

Niki and the coaches put a lot of time into what they do so you only want to make them proud. I rate the PT Studio 10/10 all the way!

Having finished the programme and seeing what is possible, my next goal is to get bigger and better with a view to standing on stage as a Bodybuilding competitor.”

If you want results just like Ross, drop us a message and a member of the team will get back to you.

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If you Train Hard and stick to your Diet CONSISTENTLY, then RESULTS come FAST and Gael is a true testament of this!

Running a business requires every hour of your life to remain focused and keep moving forward and Gael not only smashed her Programme but she did it while continuing to remain at the head of her game running a fantastic and highly reputable business.

Finding the right balance to achieving any goals will always be everyone’s challenge but there is ALWAYS a way!

Here’s what Gael had to say about her experience on the Transformation Programme with Coach Niki…

“I had always been active and mostly done gym work. However, I fell into the trap of working within my comfort zone and not really pushing myself to my limits. Therefore, I didn’t see much difference in my physique.

I decided to join the pt studio after a period of three months not able to do any activity. I explained my situation and how I felt. Despite everyone saying there was nothing wrong with me, because I am small, I wasn’t happy with myself.

I took this challenge to prove to myself that I could it. I didn’t do it for any special occasion, event or for anyone else. This was purely a personal challenge.

The Food:

I probably chose the most difficult time of year to try and eat clean. I had many social occasions (weddings, hen parties, weekends away, Christmas and new year) to contend with and these are challenging. I ain’t going to lie and say that it was easy but I tried to make better choices on these occasions and maybe have a few less drinks or a little less to eat to limit the damage.

At first the food seems quite daunting! However, if you stick to the plan exactly as it’s says and don’t over complicate it, then it becomes easy and after a period of time, I accepted that this is what I need to eat to achieve what I wanted.
And surprise surprise it worked!!

The Training:

This was never easy but as I liked a challenge, I never gave in. I had to be determined and didn’t want to let Niki down so always tried my hardest. There were days that I didn’t feel like training or was tired etc but I never let this stop me from going and trying.

Niki actually didn’t give me any choice but to give 100% each session. He knew how hard to push me and knew when he could get more out of me. Just about every session I left feeling good and happy with what I have achieved.


I have really enjoyed this journey. It’s not always been easy and I was sometimes tempted to fall off the rails but somehow manage to stay focused. I have to give a big shout out to the staff of the PT Studio for all your support. You have all been fab!

The biggest shout out goes to Niki Chisty. Without him, I would never have achieved my goals. You support, encouragement and motivation as well as discipline were amazing. Thanks for putting up with me when I was Grumpy and tired, Grumpy and hungry and just Grumpy! You are truly amazing at what you do and how you get the most of the people.

Thank you so much and keep up the hard work while I go have some cake! 

From ALL at The PT Studio, we would like to thank Gael for your relentless work ethic and complete commitment to your Transformation Programme! 



Kirsty’s journey with us so far at The Studio has been incredible!

Her Transformation has not only been physical but mentally and emotionally too!

Kirsty has shown us all just how much exercise, strength training and following a healthier lifestyle can do to improve your quality of life.

Check out her Story below…

“5 months ago I joined The PT Studio, almost as a last resort after a year long struggle with anxiety…..I have not looked back since that first day!

Stu teamed me up with Ali and I don’t think he could have got the pairing more right if he tried! Ali totally understood my situation and my people phobia, he completely babysat me through those first few weeks, No pressure to do anything I didn’t want and just getting me through that door each day was a big achievement in itself!

Much to my surprise everyone, from the other trainers to the groups to the other gym members were so nice and always had a friendly smile and a ‘keep going you can do it’!

This video and my transformation pictures just show how far I have come and I am incredibly proud of what I have achieved….and we’re still not done!

I’ve got PB’s to smash, times to beat and new stuff to learn! None of this would have been possible without Ali, not only being a great trainer and mentor but becoming someone I now consider a friend. He’s always pushing me further when I think I have nothing left and even training along side me at times! I have achieved things I didn’t think were possible and I will always be grateful to everyone at the PT Studio for helping me.

I still may not be completely sold on loving humans….but my love for my gym family is huge! I have never felt so strong.”

Myself and the entire team at The PT Studio would like to congratulate Kirsty on achieving the results she worked so hard for and I would like to thank you personally for your complete trust and support in the process. You have been an amazing person to work with and I am very grateful to have shared this journey with you.

Here’s to the next chapter as we set our sights on some new goals!



Emma joined the 12 Week Transformation Program in the hope to take back control of her body shape, regain her confidence and finally get the results she deserved. From spending years working hard in the gym and trying time and time again, diet after diet, class after class… she felt completely helpless!

But with the proper guidance and motivation from her own personal Coach every step of the way, our tried and tested training methods and the commitment and determination to her program, she reaped INCREDIBLE results in just 12 Weeks!

Check out her story below…

“I joined Coach Stuart Jamieson’s 12 Week Transformation Program and I am absolutely amazed by the results I have made! Not just with my body but with my mind set too. Before I joined, I was going to the gym 5 days a week with a knowledge of food that I thought was correct. I worked so hard at the gym and monitored my eating but I wasn’t getting anywhere near the results I wanted.

It really started getting me down and I couldn’t understand why my body shape wasn’t changing with all of the exercise I was doing. This then had an effect on my mind set. The gym became a chore and I was no longer enjoying it. I felt I was stuck and this was the shape my body was supposed to be! I was unhappy with my body and lacking confidence.

When I joined Coach Stuart, I realised my diet was completely wrong and I had very little knowledge of weight training. Like most girls I thought weights would make me bulky. However 12 weeks training with Stuart, I have managed to lose 2 stones and drop 2 dress sizes! A goal I have been trying to achieve for over a YEAR!!

I finally have my confidence back and a bucket load of motivation to keep me staying focused! I have never been so happy about my body as what I am now. I really enjoy all of the workouts and I now have a better knowledge on the foods I should be eating.

Also weights are awesome!! They have enhanced my curves and guess what…. I’m not bulky! This experience has definitely changed my life and I’m so glad I took the plunge to try it out! I can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings!”



Becky managed to lose over 2 stone 11 pounds, a huge 9 and a half inches around her waist and an amazing 30 inches in total from all her measurements!!

Over her time working with her Coach – Marie Nicol a.k.a “The Smiling Assassin” – we had the privilege to watch Becky’s confidence, strength and fitness grow enormously during the whole entire process of transforming the shape of her body.

Check out her story below…

“I’ve just finished my 12 Week Transformation Programme working with Marie at The PT Studio and I can honestly say it’s been the best thing I have ever done for me.

Starting the 12 weeks was very daunting. The first step was accepting where I was starting from and taking those before pictures and measurements. I knew I had put on weight from the bigger clothes that I needed to buy but in my head I was just the same size. Looking back at the before pictures, it’s hard to think I was that size. This gives me the motivation to not go back to old habits.

We aimed to train up to 4 times a week with daily homework that focused on bodyweight exercises and core work. For the food, I had to change my habits of no takeaways every weekend and yes, no more chocolate for breakfast, lunch and snacks. By the end of the 12 weeks I have tried so many new foods and dare I say it, broccoli and spinach will stay on the menu! (never thought I would say that!)

Marie is a brilliant PT, she pushes you and makes you see that you are capable of completing what you think is impossible. There were times where I thought I couldn’t carry on, during the workouts and with the eating but Marie was there to support me through the wobble.

I cannot thank Marie and The PT Studio enough for this chance to take control of my life and body! The 12 weeks is just the start of a new healthy lifestyle.

The sense of community and family that has been achieved at The PT Studio is one of support and guidance. No one judges you there as everyone is there for the same reason.

For those that have been trying to lose weight or to get healthy for ages, it is possible – you just have to make a commitment to yourself.”

We are all deeply proud of the results you have achieved Becky and we would like to thank you for an incredible journey and for choosing The PT Studio to be a part of your story



The PT studio are proud to introduce you to our latest Transformation!

Calum has been a loyal member of the studio since its very beginning, but since booking his holiday he decided to seek the help and guidance from the coaches at the studio to ensure he was looking his best for it.

His goal was to trim up, get leaner and show some of the hard work he’d been putting in at the gym. Calum lost a whopping 20 kilograms in total during his entire transformation programme and as you can see from the below before and after pictures (JUST 10 weeks apart) he absolutely smashed it.

We are all extremely proud of the determination, commitment and work ethic that Calum put into his training and diet plan.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Calum and watching him progress each week as we made those continual adaptations to his plan to ensure he peaked at just the right time for his holiday.

Being a shift worker, it wasn’t easy for Calum to stay on track but from the help and support of all the coaches and the programme I created to fit around his lifestyle, he managed to overcome these obstacles and achieve the incredible results he has!

Here’s what Callum had to say about his experience…


“I had been training at the PT Studio since it opened, focusing mainly on strength training, and as a result developed a bit of a power belly.

I approached Stuart wanting to trim up and get leaner, and he put me in contact with Niki. After a discussion about my goals, Niki developed a training and diet plan tailored to my needs, ensuring it would fit around my schedule as a shift worker.
After starting the original plan I then booked a bit of a spontaneous holiday, which was only 10 weeks away. Because of this I had another discussion with Niki, who then altered the plan to make sure I peaked just in time for my holiday.

At the end of it I had lost 20kg of body fat!! And felt fitter and leaner than ever. This was only possible because of the attention to detail of Niki, with him constantly reviewing my progress, and updating the diet and training plan consistently to maximize my results.

Without this guidance and expertise there’s no way I could have achieved these results! The constant motivation and positive feedback every session, along with the dedication that the coaches show to their clients made it an absolute pleasure for me. I would thoroughly recommend the PT Studio to anyone looking to transform their bodies! Follow what the coaches say, and you will get results guaranteed!”