The PT studio are proud to introduce you to our latest Transformation!

Calum has been a loyal member of the studio since its very beginning, but since booking his holiday he decided to seek the help and guidance from the coaches at the studio to ensure he was looking his best for it.

His goal was to trim up, get leaner and show some of the hard work he’d been putting in at the gym. Calum lost a whopping 20 kilograms in total during his entire transformation programme and as you can see from the below before and after pictures (JUST 10 weeks apart) he absolutely smashed it.

We are all extremely proud of the determination, commitment and work ethic that Calum put into his training and diet plan.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Calum and watching him progress each week as we made those continual adaptations to his plan to ensure he peaked at just the right time for his holiday.

Being a shift worker, it wasn’t easy for Calum to stay on track but from the help and support of all the coaches and the programme I created to fit around his lifestyle, he managed to overcome these obstacles and achieve the incredible results he has!

Here’s what Callum had to say about his experience…


“I had been training at the PT Studio since it opened, focusing mainly on strength training, and as a result developed a bit of a power belly.

I approached Stuart wanting to trim up and get leaner, and he put me in contact with Niki. After a discussion about my goals, Niki developed a training and diet plan tailored to my needs, ensuring it would fit around my schedule as a shift worker.
After starting the original plan I then booked a bit of a spontaneous holiday, which was only 10 weeks away. Because of this I had another discussion with Niki, who then altered the plan to make sure I peaked just in time for my holiday.

At the end of it I had lost 20kg of body fat!! And felt fitter and leaner than ever. This was only possible because of the attention to detail of Niki, with him constantly reviewing my progress, and updating the diet and training plan consistently to maximize my results.

Without this guidance and expertise there’s no way I could have achieved these results! The constant motivation and positive feedback every session, along with the dedication that the coaches show to their clients made it an absolute pleasure for me. I would thoroughly recommend the PT Studio to anyone looking to transform their bodies! Follow what the coaches say, and you will get results guaranteed!”