Becky managed to lose over 2 stone 11 pounds, a huge 9 and a half inches around her waist and an amazing 30 inches in total from all her measurements!!

Over her time working with her Coach – Marie Nicol a.k.a “The Smiling Assassin” – we had the privilege to watch Becky’s confidence, strength and fitness grow enormously during the whole entire process of transforming the shape of her body.

Check out her story below…

“I’ve just finished my 12 Week Transformation Programme working with Marie at The PT Studio and I can honestly say it’s been the best thing I have ever done for me.

Starting the 12 weeks was very daunting. The first step was accepting where I was starting from and taking those before pictures and measurements. I knew I had put on weight from the bigger clothes that I needed to buy but in my head I was just the same size. Looking back at the before pictures, it’s hard to think I was that size. This gives me the motivation to not go back to old habits.

We aimed to train up to 4 times a week with daily homework that focused on bodyweight exercises and core work. For the food, I had to change my habits of no takeaways every weekend and yes, no more chocolate for breakfast, lunch and snacks. By the end of the 12 weeks I have tried so many new foods and dare I say it, broccoli and spinach will stay on the menu! (never thought I would say that!)

Marie is a brilliant PT, she pushes you and makes you see that you are capable of completing what you think is impossible. There were times where I thought I couldn’t carry on, during the workouts and with the eating but Marie was there to support me through the wobble.

I cannot thank Marie and The PT Studio enough for this chance to take control of my life and body! The 12 weeks is just the start of a new healthy lifestyle.

The sense of community and family that has been achieved at The PT Studio is one of support and guidance. No one judges you there as everyone is there for the same reason.

For those that have been trying to lose weight or to get healthy for ages, it is possible – you just have to make a commitment to yourself.”

We are all deeply proud of the results you have achieved Becky and we would like to thank you for an incredible journey and for choosing The PT Studio to be a part of your story