Emma joined the 12 Week Transformation Program in the hope to take back control of her body shape, regain her confidence and finally get the results she deserved. From spending years working hard in the gym and trying time and time again, diet after diet, class after class… she felt completely helpless!

But with the proper guidance and motivation from her own personal Coach every step of the way, our tried and tested training methods and the commitment and determination to her program, she reaped INCREDIBLE results in just 12 Weeks!

Check out her story below…

“I joined Coach Stuart Jamieson’s 12 Week Transformation Program and I am absolutely amazed by the results I have made! Not just with my body but with my mind set too. Before I joined, I was going to the gym 5 days a week with a knowledge of food that I thought was correct. I worked so hard at the gym and monitored my eating but I wasn’t getting anywhere near the results I wanted.

It really started getting me down and I couldn’t understand why my body shape wasn’t changing with all of the exercise I was doing. This then had an effect on my mind set. The gym became a chore and I was no longer enjoying it. I felt I was stuck and this was the shape my body was supposed to be! I was unhappy with my body and lacking confidence.

When I joined Coach Stuart, I realised my diet was completely wrong and I had very little knowledge of weight training. Like most girls I thought weights would make me bulky. However 12 weeks training with Stuart, I have managed to lose 2 stones and drop 2 dress sizes! A goal I have been trying to achieve for over a YEAR!!

I finally have my confidence back and a bucket load of motivation to keep me staying focused! I have never been so happy about my body as what I am now. I really enjoy all of the workouts and I now have a better knowledge on the foods I should be eating.

Also weights are awesome!! They have enhanced my curves and guess what…. I’m not bulky! This experience has definitely changed my life and I’m so glad I took the plunge to try it out! I can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings!”