If you Train Hard and stick to your Diet CONSISTENTLY, then RESULTS come FAST and Gael is a true testament of this!

Running a business requires every hour of your life to remain focused and keep moving forward and Gael not only smashed her Programme but she did it while continuing to remain at the head of her game running a fantastic and highly reputable business.

Finding the right balance to achieving any goals will always be everyone’s challenge but there is ALWAYS a way!

Here’s what Gael had to say about her experience on the Transformation Programme with Coach Niki…

“I had always been active and mostly done gym work. However, I fell into the trap of working within my comfort zone and not really pushing myself to my limits. Therefore, I didn’t see much difference in my physique.

I decided to join the pt studio after a period of three months not able to do any activity. I explained my situation and how I felt. Despite everyone saying there was nothing wrong with me, because I am small, I wasn’t happy with myself.

I took this challenge to prove to myself that I could it. I didn’t do it for any special occasion, event or for anyone else. This was purely a personal challenge.

The Food:

I probably chose the most difficult time of year to try and eat clean. I had many social occasions (weddings, hen parties, weekends away, Christmas and new year) to contend with and these are challenging. I ain’t going to lie and say that it was easy but I tried to make better choices on these occasions and maybe have a few less drinks or a little less to eat to limit the damage.

At first the food seems quite daunting! However, if you stick to the plan exactly as it’s says and don’t over complicate it, then it becomes easy and after a period of time, I accepted that this is what I need to eat to achieve what I wanted.
And surprise surprise it worked!!

The Training:

This was never easy but as I liked a challenge, I never gave in. I had to be determined and didn’t want to let Niki down so always tried my hardest. There were days that I didn’t feel like training or was tired etc but I never let this stop me from going and trying.

Niki actually didn’t give me any choice but to give 100% each session. He knew how hard to push me and knew when he could get more out of me. Just about every session I left feeling good and happy with what I have achieved.


I have really enjoyed this journey. It’s not always been easy and I was sometimes tempted to fall off the rails but somehow manage to stay focused. I have to give a big shout out to the staff of the PT Studio for all your support. You have all been fab!

The biggest shout out goes to Niki Chisty. Without him, I would never have achieved my goals. You support, encouragement and motivation as well as discipline were amazing. Thanks for putting up with me when I was Grumpy and tired, Grumpy and hungry and just Grumpy! You are truly amazing at what you do and how you get the most of the people.

Thank you so much and keep up the hard work while I go have some cake! 

From ALL at The PT Studio, we would like to thank Gael for your relentless work ethic and complete commitment to your Transformation Programme!