Heather started her Transformation Programme with us Just 12 Weeks ago and crushed it!!

Her goal was to learn how to take control of her health, fitness and body shape to get into the BEST shape she could in just 3 short months…

Losing over a stone, building some incredible lean muscle definition and dropping 24 inches all together with a huge 8 inches lost from around her waist alone!

But rather than go on and on all day (And we could 😉), I’m gonna hand over the microphone to Heather to tell her side of the story…

“Prior to embarking on a Transformation Programme with Marie, I had been a member at the PT studio for a few months. The decision came about at a time in my life where my wellbeing needed a positive focus.

Not only that, but as I am due to make the change from full time work back to study later in the year, I wanted to learn as much as possible about diet, form & technique while I had the chance.

So, I gave myself 3 months…

After a discussion with Marie I decided to have 2 PT sessions a week, topping that up with 3-4 weekly workouts on my own. With no real goals in mind, I told Marie that I wanted to ‘hammer’ the three months and work toward being able to do one unassisted pull up.

Marie made training plans available to me and pointed me in the right direction as to what I should train every week and I experimented with them, adding some of my own exercises too.

The PT sessions were tough but I wouldn’t have had them any other way. Marie knew when she could push me and test my limits – although those sneaky extra reps just about ended me!

A big part of what I wanted to gain from my time with Marie was understanding the diet do’s and don’ts. As much as training is important, the results I’ve achieved would never have been possible without the diet plans and the advice of Marie and all the coaches at The PT Studio.

It’s so helpful to be able to ask any questions and know any of the coaches will be on hand to answer. Plus, having them on your back means that in the inevitable tougher times you’re making the right choices knowing that they are watching e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!

The PT Studio is a friendly and inclusive gym and one that I’ve found to be very body confident. When people see others doing well – they tell them! A big change from some of the other gyms I’ve been to. It’s so good to see people of all shapes, sizes and abilities getting on and doing their thing.

The three months have been so valuable to me – my physique has changed, I’ve boosted my self confidence and formed healthy habits that have changed me for the better.

I’ve talked to loads of people who have said ‘I couldn’t do that’ or ‘I’ve not got the willpower’ and I always say the same thing – I didn’t set out to achieve what I have, but managed with the guidance of the right coach, a bit of focus, determination and self-belief and if you dig deep you might just surprise yourself.”