John joined The PT Studio back in August last year with a goal to get in to the best shape of his life!

After deciding his best chance would be to focus on first, building enough muscle mass before stripping the body fat to show off his results, he first completed a number of months working on gaining some size.

Once he reached the goal weight set out for him, it was time to start his Fit & Lean Transformation Programme!!

The results below have been over just 15 weeks losing an incredible 3 stones and 8 pounds!!!

Check out John’s story below…

“These are the results of my 15 week Transformation Programme at the PT Studio with Niki.

I joined the PT Studio in August 2017 when I decided it was time to change my approach in order to achieve my long term goals. I was assigned to Niki and we sat down and formulated a training and diet plan that was sustainable around my personal commitments.

It was made clear that in order to achieve my desired goal it would be done in 2 stages. Initially a bulk phase was needed to increase my body size, muscle mass and strength then a second cutting phase would return me back into a lean body frame.

I had never done anything like this before and I felt I was goin in the wrong direction but my advice is
“Trust the PT Studio process” it has left me in the best psychological and physical condition of my life.

The physical changes in my body are obvious but this is only a bonus to how I feel inside!

I am honoured and proud to call Niki my PT. This young man’s attitude and outstanding level of knowledge in relation to the science behind how the body works is impressive. He has guided me through every step and rep of my journey.

All the PT studio team create a welcoming and motivating atmosphere in which to train, inspiring you to achieve your goals.

Thank you PT Studio”