Kirsty’s journey with us so far at The Studio has been incredible!

Her Transformation has not only been physical but mentally and emotionally too!

Kirsty has shown us all just how much exercise, strength training and following a healthier lifestyle can do to improve your quality of life.

Check out her Story below…

“5 months ago I joined The PT Studio, almost as a last resort after a year long struggle with anxiety…..I have not looked back since that first day!

Stu teamed me up with Ali and I don’t think he could have got the pairing more right if he tried! Ali totally understood my situation and my people phobia, he completely babysat me through those first few weeks, No pressure to do anything I didn’t want and just getting me through that door each day was a big achievement in itself!

Much to my surprise everyone, from the other trainers to the groups to the other gym members were so nice and always had a friendly smile and a ‘keep going you can do it’!

This video and my transformation pictures just show how far I have come and I am incredibly proud of what I have achieved….and we’re still not done!

I’ve got PB’s to smash, times to beat and new stuff to learn! None of this would have been possible without Ali, not only being a great trainer and mentor but becoming someone I now consider a friend. He’s always pushing me further when I think I have nothing left and even training along side me at times! I have achieved things I didn’t think were possible and I will always be grateful to everyone at the PT Studio for helping me.

I still may not be completely sold on loving humans….but my love for my gym family is huge! I have never felt so strong.”

Myself and the entire team at The PT Studio would like to congratulate Kirsty on achieving the results she worked so hard for and I would like to thank you personally for your complete trust and support in the process. You have been an amazing person to work with and I am very grateful to have shared this journey with you.

Here’s to the next chapter as we set our sights on some new goals!