Lindsey completed 12 weeks of Training in our Very Popular Transformation Program.

Being an active person already, she started off her journey in good shape to begin with. However, she had a clear and precise vision for herself to achieve and when she asked for the plan to get her there, she took it and committed with complete conviction every single day!

Starting out her journey at 9st 5lbs, she finished at 7st 13lbs with all her measurements for arms and legs remaining the same throughout and the only place reduced was round her waist. This indicated that she kept all her lean body mass while shredding her bodyfat significantly with a loss of 1 stone and 6lbs of bodyfat in 12 weeks and shaping in to a very LEAN & very STRONG athletic physique!

And the best part of all this, was watching Lindsey’s confidence and enjoyment from her training skyrocket.

Check out Lindsey’s side of the story…

“Before I committed to Stuart’s 12 week plan, I was a little apprehensive because of a previous unsuccessful experience. I was a member of another gym for close to two years and had opted to make use of the Semi-private Training offered. I thought this would have been the sensible and ‘fool proof’ way to achieve the results I was looking for. I was wrong. After all my effort, I had ended up with less confidence and a physique entirely different from what I envisaged.

Although my first experience of Small Group Personal Training was a disaster, I decided to give it another go with Stuart. After my first meeting with him, where I explained my ideals, I knew he understood my concerns and what I hoped to achieve. He clearly outlined what was involved and the steps necessary to get me there.

Throughout the 12 weeks, he demonstrated his knowledge and expertise countless times. The training and eating plans he created were tailored exclusively for me and not of a generic nature. Through constant monitoring he was able to adjust or refine my eating and training plans based on my current progress.
When I had minor queries he always made himself available to offer advice and guidance.

On completion of my 12 week plan, it was clearly evident that I had not only surpassed the goal that I set for myself but also that of which Stuart was driving me towards.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Stuart and I found him to be quite a character and very approachable as a Coach. I could not be happier with my new physique and cannot thank Stuart enough for all his time and effort in getting me there.”

I’d like to Thank Lindsey for putting her trust and faith in me as her Coach throughout the entire 12 Weeks and am very proud of what she achieved.