Lindsey completed 12 weeks of Training in our Very Popular Transformation Program.

Being an active person already, she started off her journey in good shape to begin with. However, she had a clear and precise vision for herself to achieve and when she asked for the plan to get her there, she took it and committed with complete conviction every single day!

Starting out her journey at 9st 5lbs, she finished at 7st 13lbs with all her measurements for arms and legs remaining the same throughout and the only place reduced was round her waist. This indicated that she kept all her lean body mass while shredding her bodyfat significantly with a loss of 1 stone and 6lbs of bodyfat in 12 weeks and shaping in to a very LEAN & very STRONG athletic physique!

And the best part of all this, was watching Lindsey’s confidence and enjoyment from her training skyrocket.

Check out Lindsey’s side of the story…

“Before I committed to Stuart’s 12 week plan, I was a little apprehensive because of a previous unsuccessful experience. I was a member of another gym for close to two years and had opted to make use of the Semi-private Training offered. I thought this would have been the sensible and ‘fool proof’ way to achieve the results I was looking for. I was wrong. After all my effort, I had ended up with less confidence and a physique entirely different from what I envisaged.

Although my first experience of Small Group Personal Training was a disaster, I decided to give it another go with Stuart. After my first meeting with him, where I explained my ideals, I knew he understood my concerns and what I hoped to achieve. He clearly outlined what was involved and the steps necessary to get me there.

Throughout the 12 weeks, he demonstrated his knowledge and expertise countless times. The training and eating plans he created were tailored exclusively for me and not of a generic nature. Through constant monitoring he was able to adjust or refine my eating and training plans based on my current progress.
When I had minor queries he always made himself available to offer advice and guidance.

On completion of my 12 week plan, it was clearly evident that I had not only surpassed the goal that I set for myself but also that of which Stuart was driving me towards.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Stuart and I found him to be quite a character and very approachable as a Coach. I could not be happier with my new physique and cannot thank Stuart enough for all his time and effort in getting me there.”

I’d like to Thank Lindsey for putting her trust and faith in me as her Coach throughout the entire 12 Weeks and am very proud of what she achieved.





Yet another one of our Lads KILLIN’ IT on their 12 Week Transformation Programme!

Check out what Mark had to say about his experience at The PT Studio below…

“I seen a Transformation picture on The PT Studio page which prompted me to apply for the programme and like most people I lacked the motivation but decided it was all or nothing.

I started my 12 week programme and at the beginning, it was a hard process but it got easier to manage, especially when I started to notice the changes.

I learned more about nutrition and the programme has given me more confidence in and outside of the gym. I thoroughly recommend this to anyone looking to gain confidence and get in shape!

It has given me knowledge I can carry forward to continue my working towards my goals and I’d like to thank Niki and the Studio for helping me on my way.”

If you think it’s time to make that change, GET INVOLVED NOW!

Don’t let it pass yet another month where you wish you’d started sooner…




The PT Studio are very proud to introduce you to our latest 12 Week Transformation!

Graeme came to the Studio looking to drop some body fat for the family holiday.

Working under our very talented up and coming Trainer Niki Chisty, he was given a diet and training program tailored to his lifestyle with adaptations every single week to ensure he reached his goals in the time frame given.

We could go on and on about Graeme’s incredible commitment to the program and hard work ethic however the pictures speak for themselves.

Check out his story below…

“Exceptional service! A desire to drop some body fat and improve the look of my physique for a family holiday was what prompted me to approach Stuart at the PT Studio.

I was already a member of the gym but hadn’t really considered taking part in a program until then. He put me in touch with Niki who developed an awesome program for me.

It was fully explained, easy to follow, and the meal prep and training were all tailored around my lifestyle given I had limited time as a full time shift worker and parent.

I think the results we achieved speak for themselves but I managed to strip back 15 kilos and was the most ripped and in the best shape of my life.

The personal and focused approach was the key to our success with full accountability from Niki every step of the way and constant support from the whole team at The PT Studio.

The results have exceeded all my expectations. The team clearly know what they are talking about and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone!”

If you want results just like Graeme or want to find out more about the program he followed, drop us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


FB_IMG_1510228422297I’d like to introduce you all to our latest success story this time from our previous Transformation’s ‘Better Half’ Miss Lauren Sturgeon.

Both Mr & Mrs Sturgeon started their Transformation Programs on the basis of getting that beach bod ready for the family holiday.

Her results were AWESOME and we are all very proud of watching her become much more confident in herself through getting the results she wanted and deserved.

Check out Lauren’s story below…

“I started with the PT Studio in March 2017 after 4 years of not looking after myself. Having a baby in 2013 really changed my priorities and I put everyone else before myself meaning I wasn’t eating properly and not exercising at all. During the 4 years I ballooned in weight, 4 stone heavier and 2/3 dress sizes bigger but my biggest downfall during this time was my loss of confidence.

My husband (who was already in pretty decent shape) signed up to a plan with The PT Studio for a super holiday bod and that’s when I thought it was time to grab the bull by the horns and do something for myself for a change (well if he could do it why couldn’t I??). Plus, I didn’t want to look like a beached whale next to him on our holidays! So I signed up for a 6 week transformation.

I worked with both Ali and Marie, both different training styles but equally as rewarding and dare I say fun? My sessions were tailored to my ability and I was pushed at every workout. I enjoyed it so much that I signed up to another programme to take me right up to my holidays. Seeing the difference in my ability from the start to now is phenomenal and all that is down to their expertise/knowledge, dedication and belief in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

I used to dread going to the gym but now I look forward to it, I always get some banter from the staff, I can have moan if I want but I am still pushed to work hard and I always come out the gym feeling great.

During my 16 weeks with the PT Studio I have gone from a size 14/16 down to a 10 and I’ve lost 2 stone and 13 lbs (18.6kg) weight and 38 inches (96.5cm) in total! I am astounded.

But most of all, I have gained in confidence and self-esteem, I am a much happier person, my work/home/life balance has improved as I am actually making better use of my time and I feel (along with my husband) are inspiring our daughter to live a healthy, happy lifestyle and to enjoy exercising at a young age.

I am now going on holiday holding my head high, not hiding behind baggy clothes or a swimsuit but wearing my bikini with pride!! I might have the actual human version of the hulk on my arm but I ain’t no beached whale anymore and that’s something I am so proud of!

For all my programme is finished, staff at The PT Studio are already supporting me to maintain my weight loss and I’ve not just been left to get on with it now. I know they are there to answer questions, help with training and to continue to support me on my journey.

Personal training worked for me, it was the kick start I needed to get back into exercising but also helped show me how to use the weights machines etc. Now I feel confident enough to walk into the gym on my own knowing that I am not going to look like a complete tube doing the totally wrong thing with a piece of equipment!

If you are thinking about it then it is definitely, 100% worth the money and the investment in yourself. What’s a bit of money if you don’t have your health and happiness?

I’ve not only completely changed my body, my lifestyle and gained confidence but I’ve made friends too. So if you are nervous about going in to the PT Studio, don’t be, you are made to feel so welcome and like part of a team from day one. I can’t wait to continue my journey with them.

PT STUDIO, you ROCK!!!!”

From all of us at The PT Studio, well done to Lauren!

Now enjoy that holiday. You have well and truly earned every minute of it. You have both done us incredibly proud. #couplegoals #fitnessmrandmrs #traintogetherstrongtogether



Check out Amanda’s story below of her experience at The PT Studio:

“I can’t believe I am about to write a testimonial about anything fitness related but here I am 14 weeks later and feeling great! I signed up with Stuart because I was unhappy with the way I looked and the way it made me feel. I would spend hours obsessing over how my body looked from every angle for every outfit that I wore! It really started to get me down and I decided enough was enough.

The combination of nutritional advice and a specific coaching plan has had an effect on me is physically, mentally and emotionally. I can’t believe in such a short time I have dropped over a stone in weight, 2 dress sizes and a 8 inches off my waist!

I am achieving great results and I know this is due to the unique training style of a coach who knows how to get results and knows how to support his clients.

The people you train with at The PT Studio keep you motivated and help you keep going and get you back on track when times get too tough or when you have a slip up. The banter is always on top form and I know it sounds cheesy but they are like a wee family.

Without Stuart, The PT studio and my training mates I never would have succeeded. I have already set myself my next goal and cannot wait until I hit that milestone!”