Steven came to us in order to lose weight, get stronger, fitter and banish the belly!

Well over 16 weeks, Steven did just that!!

Losing over 24kg (3 stones 11 pounds) in body weight, dropping 34 inches all over his body and a HUGE 12 inches from his waist alone, he absolutely SMASHED his transformation programme!

Check out his story below…

“Well that’s me done 16 weeks at The PT Studio and all that I can say is the place is first class in what it offers. If your willing to put the effort in they WILL get you results!

Personally I’ve been training with my Personal Trainer Marie and I couldn’t be happier with the results so far. I’ve never been healthier or felt better in myself.

She pushes me to my limits in every session and sometimes past them when needed! I couldn’t have achieved what I have without her drive to help me get into better shape, so for that I thank you Marie.

The staff are so helpful and generous in offering any help that you may need they are all first class.

So in my opinion if you want to get into better shape or lose weight or just to feel better about yourself then The PT Studio is the place to be!”